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Kent Kares

I am currently the board president for a 501c3 non profit called Casa De Esperanza, and its outreach ministry called Honduras Hope. I have made 8 trips to Honduras over the past few years and have fallen in love with the children and people of Honduras. Casa De Esperanza is a childrens home for kids that either have no parents, or children whose parents could no longer care for them We currently have 18 children that we care for 24/7, including schooling, clothing, food, and providing them with opportunities to one day care for themselves. We build small wood houses for people that have nothing, and we feed in multiple villages in multiple communities. We plant and build churches in areas where people can have a place to worship in their own setting and not have to walk miles to get to church.
I also provide funding and medicines for an organization called Hope for Haiti’s children. This organization was founded after the earthquake, and continues to provide education, food, clothing, and medical care for people – especially orphaned children – which there are many, many of in this very poor and devastated country.